1952 in British television and Natalia Zhukovskaia

This is a list of British television related events from 1952.

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Events 16 January - Sooty, Harry Corbett's glove puppet bear, first appears on the BBC Television Service. 1 February - The first TV detector van is demonstrated. It is designed to track down users of unlicensed television sets. 15 February - The funeral of King George VI is televised in the UK. 14 March - The BBC Television Service is launched in Scotland. 20 July - Arrow to the Heart, the first collaboration between director Rudolph Cartier and scriptwriter Nigel Kneale, is broadcast on the BBC Television Service. 15 December - Bill and Ben, The Flower Pot Men premieres on the BBC Television Service. Debuts March - The Appleyards (1952–1957) 12 December - The Flower Pot Men (1952–1958, 2001–2002) Unknown Watch with Mother (1952–1973) All Your Own (1952–1961) Television shows 1940s Kaleidoscope (1946–1953) Muffin the Mule (1946–1955, 2005–2006) Café Continental (1947–1953) Television Newsreel (1948–1954) Come Dancing (1949–1998) 1950s Andy Pandy (1950–1970, 2002–2005) Ending this year Picture Page (1936–1939, 1946–1952). Births 18 January - Michael Angelis, actor and narrator 29 January - Tim Healy, actor 2 March - John Altman, actor 31 March - Dermot Morgan, actor (died 1998) 4 April - Cherie Lunghi, actress 22 June - Alastair Stewart, ITN journalist and newscaster 11 July - John Kettley, weatherman 22 September - Gary Holton, actor and musician (died 1985) 27 September - Rob Bonnet, BBC sports presenter and journalist 30 September - Jack Wild, actor (died 2006) 9 October - Sharon Osbourne, music manager and promoter and television personality and presenter 3 December - Mel Smith, comic actor and director (died 2013) 10 December - Clive Anderson, comedy writer and radio and television personality 20 December - Jenny Agutter, actress

Natalia Zhukovskaia and 1952 in British television

Natalia L’vovna Zhukovskaia (Наталья Львовна Жуковская) is one of the foremost scholars working on Buryat history, culture, and religious life in Russia. Biography

Professor Zhukovskaya completed graduate work at Moscow State University (МГУ) in the History Faculty in 1961. After graduating, she began work at the Institute for Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (РАН), the most prestigious academic institute in the Soviet Union. In 1996, she became the head of the Division of Asian and Pacific Oceanic Research (Отдел азиатских и тихоокеанских исследований). From 1957 to 2004, she led no less than forty five expeditions to Mongolia and Buryatia to conduct fieldwork. She has authored or co-authored more than 230 scholarly works, including at least 12 books.

Dr. Zhukovskaya's work focuses primary on the Buryats living in southern Siberia. Her works on Buryat history are concerned largely with the process of conversion to Tibetan Buddhism that began in the eighteenth-century and the relations between shamanic and Buddhist practice. She has also published extensively on Buryat-Mongol folklore, holidays, and ritual. Since 1991, she has expanded her research to include the current Buddhist revival in Buryatia, post-Soviet reappropriations of Buryat historical figures, and the increasing influence of Buddhist communities from outside of Russia on post-Soviet Buryat life.

As a prominent scholar of Buddhism in Russia and of Buryatia, Dr. Zhukovskaya has been active in the Buddhist revivals of the 1990s and early 2000s. While she claims to remain a neutral scholar, her work demonstrates a clear bias in favor of the increased role of Buddhism in daily life, as well as towards the Buddhist «modernizers» of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. Major works М.А. Кроль. Страницы моей жизни (мемуары). – Подготовка к изданию, предисловие, аннотированный указатель и комментарий. Москва – Иерусалим: Гешарим / Мосты культуры, 2008. Религия в истории и культуре монголоязычных народов России. – Составитель, отв. редактор и автор одной главы. М.: Восточная литература, 2008. Editor, Buryaty. Moskva: Nauka, 2004. Историко-культурный атлас Бурятии. М.: ДИК, 2001, 2-ое издание 2002 – Отв. редактор. Кочевники Монголии: Культура. Традиции. Символика. Учебное пособие. Kochevniki Mongolii: Kultura, Tradit's'ii, simvoika: uchoebnoe posobie. Moskva: Восточная литература Vostochaia Literatura, 2002. Мир традиционной монгольской культуры. USA; Lewinston, Queenston: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2000. 305 с. Editor, Shamanskii Dar: k 80 letiiu doktora istoricheskikh nauk Anny Vasil'evny Smoli'a'k. Moskva: Rossiiskaia akademiia nauk, Int. etnologii I antropologii imeni N.N. Miklikho Maklaia, 2000. От Карелии до Урала. Книга для чтения. Ot Karelii do Urala: Rasskazy o narodakh Rossii: Kniga dlia cheteniia po kursam «Istoriia rodnaia kraia. Moskva: Nauka, 1998. Vozrozhdenie buddhizma v Buriatii: problemi i perspektivy. Moskva: Rossiiskaia akademiia nauk, Int. etnologii i antropolii, 1997. Respublika Buriatia: etonoreligioznai situatsiia, 1991-1993. Moskva: Rossiiskaia akademiia nauk, Int. etnologii i antropolii, 1994. Editor, Buddizm: slovar'. Moskva: Izd-vo «Respublika», 1992. Судьба кочевой культуры. Рассказы о Монголии и монголах. Sud'ba kochevoi kul'tury: rasskazy o Mongolii i Mongolakh. Moskva: Nauka, 1990. Категории и символика традиционной культуры монголов Kategorii I simvolika tradit's'ionnoi kul'tury Mongolov. Moskva: Izd-vo «Nauka», 1988. Editor, Voprosy istorii lamaizma v Kalmykii. Elista: Kalmutskii nauch. Issl. Int. istorii, filologii i ekonomiki pri Sovete Ministrov Kalmytskoi ASSR, 1987. Святые реликвии: миф и действительность. М.: Политиздат, 1987 (в соавт. с С.А. Арутюновым). 119 с. Editor, Mify, kul'ty, obriady narodov zarubezhnoi Azii. Moskva: Izd-vo «Nauka», 1986. Ламаизм и ранние формы религии. Lamaizm: rannie formy religii. Moskva: Nauka, 1977.
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